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About us

Unleash our client's potential through cutting-edge Risk Management techniques and tools

Our mission

In a constantly changing environment, continuously generating new uncertainties, companies need to adapt their tools for proactive and avant-garde management, oriented towards managing uncertainty and maximizing the space for controlling results.

DECISIO CONSULTING meets this need through the recognized know-how of its experts and a wide range of services, at the forefront of Risk Management science.

Our values

Our consultants make a long-term commitment by your side. You can always ask them for opinions and advice, even after the mission has been accomplished and without limit. The perfect integration of the service remains our only goal.

We do not impose “ready-to-use formulas”. We remain open to benchmarks and strive each time to provide specific answers and solutions.

Our missions are carried out from start to finish by highly qualified experts. We do not multiply the layers of stakeholders and do not entrust our work to any subcontractor or inexperienced consultant.

Our unique methodology operates through three main stages that fully guarantee the transfer of knowledge and which allow the optimization of mission duration and cost :

  1. Realization by our experts of part of the mission
  2. Technical training provided by our experts to your teams
  3. Assisted performance of the other part of the mission by your teams

Main Associates

Mountasser FASSI-FIHRI

Mr. FASSI-FIHRI is an expert consultant in Risk Management and Organization. Former Risk Manager of ONA Group (actually AL MADA), he has also accumulated several experiences as a business manager and actively participates in the corporate governance of many SMEs as an administrator.

He is the founding President of the first Moroccan association for Risk Management (AMRIM) and co-author of collective work on Indicators and Dashboards published by AFNOR.

Mr. FASSI-FIHRI graduated from ISCAE Business School and ESC Bordeaux.


ATLAMED is a public limited company based in Casablanca, whose purpose is capital investment and financial advice. Established in 2005, its capital is held by its managers and administrators. The founding partners of ATLAMED are recognized personalities from the business world in Morocco or finance in Europe. The ATLAMED project aims, in addition to the search for effective means of value creation, to develop a new trans-Mediterranean business bridge, by taking advantage of Morocco’s favorable geographical and economic position, as well as the richness and complementarity of the experience of the founding partners.



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